-40°C Blast Freezer BFR 2300

-40°C Blast Freezer BFR 2300 is single-temperature type freezers with intelligent digital temperature control panel and Embraco/ Tecumseh compressors. The temperature range of this freezer is +30°C to -40°C. The main purpose of blast freezers is to rapidly bring down the temperature of foodstuffs or fresh produce, freezing them very quickly.

  • R404A is the refrigerant which is free from CFC and foam
  • Provided with core temperature probe which will pick out easily from food
  • Single self-closing door is fitted with a full-height handle and removable magnetic gasket for more convenience
  • Auto defrost system
  • The interior and exterior material is made up of SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Fan cooling system
  • GN 1/1 pans – 60*40cm bakery pans are provided
  • The height of the equipment can be adjusted to meet the various height requirements
  • Temperature in the cabinet drops from normal temperature +40°C in just 30 min

Used for cooling food quickly and for prevention of surface freezing and also preserve the nutritional values of food items. Mostly used in frozen food industries like iced cream, pre-prepared meals and vegetables or fish.

Net Capacity100L
No. of Shelves5
Temperature Range+30°C to -40°C
Dimensions800*800*1000 mm
Net Weight75kg
Power Supply220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz

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