Amino Acid Analysis (AAA)

Amino Acid Analysis of Proteis or pepetides are carried out after complete hydrolysis of protein samples and doing HPLC with post derivatisation method of aminoacids. 

Amino Acid Analysis is very sensitive method of separation of amino acids in relative ratios after derivatisation of hydrolysed amino acids from the sample on HPLC. Derivatised amino acids are  detected based n which composition of amino acids is determined in the sample provided.

Although the whole reaction is carried our carefully in inert gas environment but still detetcion of some of the amino acids is suceptible to oxidation or degradation. 

Serine is labile under acid conditions. Met can cause problems due to oxidation under the hydrolysis. Met can also be analysed by the Cys assay and some prefer this method of analysis.Trp can give variable results

The sample must be freeze dried prior to shipping to ensure maximum stability. Samples in solution or on PVDF are not accepted. 

Characterisation of Proteis or Peptides. 

Characterisation of Biotherapeutics / Biosimilars. 

Characterisation of Antibodies.

Characterisation of amino acids in various fuids of food importance

Characterisation of amino acids in various fuids of biological importance