The BioNeb nebulizes liquid (i.e., reduces liquid to a fine spray) to generate uniform shearing forces that can break cells and molecules.In the process of droplet formation, large molecules or cells suspended in the liquid being nebulized are forcefully distributed from the liquid into the forming droplet.

Through the regulation of gas pressure (between a range of 10 to 250psi), the system can be precisely adjusted. A disruption rate of 90% for many cells can be achieved in only one or two passes.

It generates no heat and actually cools the sample. This process takes very little time, as the unit can disrupt cells at a flow rate of 30ml/minute.

Each system includes a universal mounting positioner and base plate, flow meter, .32cm diameter cut to length tubing for reservoir inlet/outlet, 30.5cm length of auxiliary inlet/outlet tubing, 182.9cm length of .40cm O.D. tubing for gas supply, and connection fittings. (Depending on gas cylinders and regulators, some additional fittings may be required.)


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