Blood Plasma Chest Freezer BPF 6000

Blood Plasma Chest Freezer BPF 6000 is a high efficiency, high speed, steady and precise freezer with programmable large color touch screen. The temperature range of this freezer is -70? ~ +100?. They freeze the blood plasma in a short period of time after the blood subjected to centrifugation from the centrifuge, also helps to keep the active ingredient maximally.

  • The style of the freezer is Air swept twin-stage
  • Provided with PID temperature controlled technology
  • Blood plasma can be frozen within 45Min
  • The temperature can be changed to -30? for storage automatically after freezing
  • 100 days of historical data can be stored for review or printing purposes
  • USB interface for download memory data
  • The plasma bags holders are designed with stainless steel for increasing of heat transfer data and to freeze fast and evenly
  • Tecumseh low noise compressor and low power dissipation
  • Initiate up to 100? of self-sterilizer function to avoid the infection from other pathogenic microorganisms

Used to freeze blood plasma and other products who need precise freeze and stock in blood bank stations, hospitals research institutes, laboratories and others.

Controlled Temperature Range-70? ~ +100?
Temperature Fluctuation±0.5?
Temperature Evenness≤2?
Plasma Bag Centre Temperature-30? (30min to 45min)
Max. Circular Freezing Quantity250ml *60bags
Time for Empty Cabinet-55? ≤20min & -70? ≤30min
Plasma Basket/ Holder10 pieces
Power of Freezer≤7kW
Exterior Dimensions1780*800*1000 mm
Work room Dimensions800*400*600 mm
Voltage380V±10% 50Hz