Flexible and Precise Reagent Dispensing

TEMPEST® is a non-contact, multipurpose dispenser. Enabling you to dispense as many as 12 different reagents simultaneously by utilizing 96 independently controlled outputs. Dispense any volume, of any reagent, into any well.

Unparalleled Ease and Excellence

The TEMPEST Liquid Dispenser utilizes patented microdiaphragm pump technology to allow researchers to maximize workflow efficiency from genomics to high-throughput screening workflows.

EASE OF USE: The TEMPEST software is extremely user-friendly allowing for easy experimental design. The standard gradient and backfill buttons make designing an experiment even easier and faster. 

Customizable to Meet Your Needs

The TEMPEST can be customized to fit your application and budget. The system offers, plate stackers, bar code scanner, independent vs general controls, as well as, any combination of up to 12 high (1 μL and 5 μL), or low volume (200 nL and 1 μL), microfluidic chips.

Easy-to-use Software

The software provides a straightforward, user-friendly way to design and execute even the most complex dispensing protocols. The control software offers an intuitive visual layout of both the plate design and the hardware setup, and provides tools to create gradient designs and backfills. Microsoft Excel integration allows you to manually edit well volumes for additional control. 

Key Features

  • High Precision
  • Low Volume Dispensing
  • Minimize Reagent Waste
  • Speed and Throughput
  • Keep Cells and Beads Suspended
  • Integrate with External Systems
  • Import CSV Templates
  • Incubation Re-Stack Option
  • No Consumables
  • Micro-diaphragm Technology

Broad Range of Applications

  * High Throughput Screening (HTS)
  *  Assay Development and Design of Experiment (DoE)
  * Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISA)
  * Polymerase Chain-reaction (PCR) Workflows - Real-time and Digital
  * Biochemical assay development and screening
  * Cell Culture and Bead-Based Assays
  * Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Library Preparation

When Speed Matters

Each 8-nozzled microfluidic chip dispenses reagents rapidly with minimal waste. Most tasks are completed in fewer than 40 seconds:

Typical Dispense Rates

  • 200 nL to 96-well plate = 3 seconds
  • 200 nL to 384-well plate = 6 seconds
  • 200 nL to 1536-well plate = 11 seconds
  • 5 μL to 96-well plate = 4 seconds
  • 1 uL to 384-well plate = 5 seconds
  • 10 μL to 384-well plate = 9 seconds
  • 20 μL to 384-well plate = 13 seconds

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