Industrial Syringe Pump G3030-1S

G3030-1S is a compact structure pump?is suitable for Industrial automatic with high accuracy. Main used with the devices or the instruments?especially for the task of program and the automation system. Many mounting ways to choose, rotary valve reversers automatic? improving the flexibility of embedded installation of G3030-1S.More complicated and comprehensive operating task can be finished with the matched PC software. it can program, storage?increases the degree of automation?which is very suitable for the high-automatic field .G3030-1S with wide linear velocity ,can mounted with lots of syringe model?can easily realize the automatic of the transmission of flow, dilution ,distribution and so son, with high precision and accuracy. The good material of the syringe, valve and tube coupling, providing excellent chemical characteristics of the G3030-1S?greatly increased the application field of the pump