Collect an oral sample in one minute and preserve the sample for decades at room temperature.

  • Foam swab easily collects and transfers samples
  • Sample transferred to treated specimen card
  • Sample is preserved for over 20 years at RT

The GenSwab is a unique combination of a foam swab and treated specimen card for the collection and long-term storage of oral samples at room temperature. The microbial inhibitors kill many viruses and bacteria as well a preserve the DNA in an oral sample for over twenty years. The pink indicator on the treated card turns white when a sample is deposited so it is clear where to punch the card to take a sample for analysis. There is a separate cleaning strike area on the card for cleaning the punch between samples. The clear pouch packing allows the user to read the barcode printed on the product without the need to open the package before recording the barcode number. The GenSwab is designed to be dried in a GenDry™ Pouch during transport to the laboratory.


Open the wrapper where indicated at the end of the specimen card. Place you thumb on the “T” section of the handle where indicated. Place the swab against the inside of one cheek and swab the inside of your cheek for 30 seconds. Switch to the opposite cheek and swab that side for another 30 seconds. Open the wrapper by pushing it out of the tab. Flip the foam swab over the pink section of the specimen card by folding at the perforation. Place the wrap back over top of the specimen card and squeeze in the spot indicated for twenty seconds. The action will transfer the sample from the foam swan onto the Specimen card. Open the wrapper and bend the swab backwards at the perforation until the swabs breaks away from the specimen card. Rewrap the specimen card and place it in a GenDry GS pouch with the barcode showing for preservation and transport to the laboratory.

Cat. No.Quantity


100 / box


1000 / case