Glove Bag have a distinct advantage over the Model X for many applications. The equipment entrance sleeve(s) are 30.5cm wide and are located at the side away from user.

Convenient - It is used like a rigid glove box but has much greater flexibility. It is made of 2.5 mil thick polyethylene,
with integral gloves. Equipment is placed in through equipment sleeve and then inflated.

Disposable - It is economical enough to be used once and discarded, if contaminated, but it's durable and can be used
over and over if desired.

Versatile - great for keeping air-sensitive materials from contact with air or moisture. Use it whenever an inert atmosphere
is needed in reactions or in handling reagents.

Economical - It can be purged faster than a glove box, with less gas, and can be easily adapted to fit your special needs.

  • Front equipment opening
  • Available gloves turned in
  • Available gloves not turned in