HEPA Filtered Chambers

HEPA filtered, "closed-loop", negatively pressured containment isolator glove box.

The Closed-Loop Containment Isolator is a completely automated negative pressure glove box.

The system is engineered and programmed to maintain a slight negative working pressure ( -0.50 in H2O ). The internal atmosphere is continually filtered by two HEPA filters. Filters are rated at 99.9997% efficiency.

These isolation units may be coupled together for multiple station work processes. They are large enough for four (4) sets of glove ports (operators).

  • Effective containment / isolation of potentially hazardous toxins, organisms, etc.
  • Completely sealed system with automatic negative pressure control.
  • Large, easy to read control panel with digital controllers and LED status lights.
  • Inlet / outlet HEPA filtration.
  • Easy to clean, highly radiused corners.
  • Clear acrylic construction will not cause unwanted shadows.
  • Fluorescent light offers a well lit, bright working environment.
  • Manual house exhaust valve for rapidly venting the isolator.
  • Two pairs of glove ports for multiple operators.
  • Ambidextrous, white Hypalon gloves.
  • Plas-Labs quality customer service.
  • Stainless steel support cart with gas tank support tracks.
56"w x 35"d x 27"h
O.D. *: 
82"w x 47"d x 53"h
40.0 cu. ft.
Appx. Ship Weight: 
300 pounds
Closed-Loop Containment Isolator
142 x 89 x 69 cm
O.D. *: 
208 x 119 x 135 cm
1157 Liters
Appx. Ship Weight: 
135 Kilos