Jack-O-Matic (JOM) has a variety of uses in the laboratory. For example, it does automatically what chemists have often done manually when controlling an exothermic reaction. Whenever the temperature of the reaction rises above the desired level, JOM removes the source of heat from the reaction flask by lowering the platform. Simultaneously, it can blow air at the flask to cool it. The air for lifting and cooling is supplied by the lab airline. With stronger exotherms, use JOM to raise a cold bath when reaction temperature rises. JOM has a nominal 7.6cm vertical ovement and a 127kg capacity when operating on air pressure of 50 PSI.

• Raises and lowers lab equipment automatically
• Provides an added measure of safety when using hot oil baths
• Convenient, safe “lift” that can be controlled manually or automatically by your power control
• Operates on laboratory compressed air (20 to 50 psi)

Electrical: 240V Furnished with 1.2-meter cord and locking connector

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