Lab CO2 / Vacuum Chambers

Lab Chambers

The modest cost of these units enables the investigator to easily dedicate one chamber for one specific research project.

Lab Chambers

These superb cabinets have superior strength and sealing characteristics, utilizing heavier gauge transparent acrylic plastic with formed top corners to minimize section joints.

The structural integrity of the cabinets ensures economy in the cost of operation. After the initial gas purge to clear a cabinet loaded with sensitive components, gas consumption is reduced to an absolute minimum. This is because the cabinet will not flex or deform resulting in gas leakage. When pressurized (<0,5 bar), no significant change in pressure level occurred over a five (5) day test.

Vacuum Chambers

These fine vacuum chambers are similar in design to our glove box transfer chambers that have been used for over forty (40) years. Custom sizes and shapes are available. Benefits include:

  • Low to medium vacuum maintenance. Down to -25” of Hg.
  • Useful for degassing and freeze drying processes.
  • Easy for transporting contamination and moisture sensitive components.
  • Can be used in the vertical or horizontal positions.
  • Complete transparency gives visual awareness of your project materials.
  • Eliminates the need messy vacuum grease.

Lab Chamber

  • Standard 24 month warranty.
  • Heavy gauge .375” and .500” thick transparent jeweled acrylic plastic.
  • Spring steel tension clamps for uniform gasket pressure.
  • Non slip feet
  • Closed cellular (one piece) Poron gasket.
  • Unique “gasket guard” system to prevent gaskets from taking a “set.”
  • Lightweight, easily transportable. Handles are available.
  • Shelves are spaced at 2” (50.8 mm).
  • Adjustable perforated shelves for complete atmosphere movement throughout the chamber.
  • Nylon inlet and outlet gas nipples, hose barb style, size 1/8” & 1/4” hose barbs.

Vacuum Chamber

  • Standard 24 month warranty.
  • Two (2) ground key cock valves for purging.
  • Main chamber is removable from the white base.
  • Formed “bell shaped” ends for greater safety.
  • Heavy duty .500” thick jeweled acrylic.
  • White base includes non-slip feet.
  • Vacuum gauge.
  • Greaseless Neoprene “O” ring.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Bright white leveling tray.
Catalog NumberSizes W x L x HNumber of ShelvesNumber of Cubicles
850-LCS12 x 12 X 6" Two (2)One (1)
850-LCM12 x 12 x 12" Two (2)One (1)
850-LCL12 x 12 x 24" Four (4)Two (2)
850-1L18 x 18 x 18" Two (2)One (1)
850-2L24 x 18 x 24" Four (4)Two (2)
850-3L24 x 24 x 24" Four (4)Two (2)
850-4L36 x 36 x 36" Eight (8)Four (4)