Lasergene Molecular Biology

Lasergene Molecular Biology is the software solution for DNA, RNA and protein sequence alignment and analysis.

Lasergene Molecular Biology is the comprehensive sequence analysis and alignment software you need to support your molecular biology research. The package provides software solutions for DNA, RNA and protein editing and annotationSanger sequence assemblymultiple and pairwise sequence alignmentvirtual cloningprimer design and comprehensive sequence analysis. Streamline your workflow with automated plasmid annotation and large-scale batch editing; automatically concatenate, translate, reverse complement, or extract features from multiple sequences simultaneously. Translate DNA or back translate protein using the genetic code of your choice.

  1. Many popular multiple and pairwise sequence alignment methods, including MUSCLE, MAFFT, Clustal Omega, Clustal W, and ParaSail
  2. Whole-genome alignment using MAUVE
  3. Customizable phylogenetic trees
  4. Support for all major cloning methods, including Gibson Assembly, InFusion, Gateway, Multisite Pro Gateway, TOPO, TA Cloning and restriction enzyme techniques
  5. Design and customize primers and probes
  6. Create and share primer catalogs
  7. Assemble reads de novo or against one or more reference sequences 
  8. Assess read alignment, coverage, and SNPs 
  9. Design sequencing primers to improve coverage.
  10. Accurate and fast sequence auto-annotation 
  11. Sequence editing, including automated and batch editing 
  12. Agarose gel simulations 
  13. Gene discovery 
  14. Integrated BLAST searching 
  15. Publication quality graphics
  • Multiple Sequence Alignment
  • Sanger Sequence Assembly
  • Virtual Cloning and Primer Design
  • Comprehensive Sequence Analysis
License TypesStandalone or Network
Licensing OptionsAnnual or Perpetual
Minimum System Requirement (Mac)Mac 10.13 or above; 4 GB RAM*; 520 MB; Internet access
Minimum System Requirement (WIN)64-bit Windows 7, 8.1, and 10; 4 GB RAM*; 400 MB of available hard-disk space; Internet access
Operating SystemWindows or Mac
Price OptionsAcademic or Commercial
User optionsSingle, Multiple or Site