Lasergene Protein

The complete protein sequence and PDB structure analysis software.

Lasergene Protein is our software tool created specifically for protein biologists, as well as molecular biologists interested in exploring protein structure. Start with a protein sequence file to predict structures or analyze function. Or open a  structure file, including those from PDB, to visualize the macromolecular structure, motion and function.  Lasergene Protein includes Protean 3D for protein analysis and design, as well as access to our Nova Applicationsfor protein structure prediction and modeling.  You can also take advantage of our cloud computing resources by running protein predictions though NovaCloud.

  • Utilize integrated views and analysis methods for sequence, secondary structure, and tertiary structure 
  • Predict secondary structure characteristics
  • Predict B-cell epitopes • 
  • Create molecular and solvent accessible surfaces to visualize predicted epitopes Align entire structures or selected regions 
  • Create publication-quality graphics 
  • Visualize conformational changes of nearly 400 animated macromolecular structures
  • Predict 3D structure for any protein sequence
  • Model antibody structures and identify antibody/antigen binding sites
  • Predict protein function, ligand binding sites, and enzyme activity
  • Model docking for any receptor and ligand pair
  • Predict binding interactions and energy
  • Create and model variants on protein structures 
  • Perform hot-spot scans and improve the fold stability with protein design tools
  • Based on the top-rated algorithm: I-TASSER 
  • Large molecule support, up to 2000 residues 
  • Predict protein structure, function, ligand binding, and enzyme activity 
  • Advanced user restraint controls & custom templates
  • Based on SwarmDock, a high-resolution docking algorithm 
  • Model protein docking and binding interactions
  • Explore protein flexibility during docking
  • Model Fv, Fab, VH, sdAb in minutes 
  • Search a library of antibody frameworks, or provide custom templates 
  • Ab initio loop modeling for H3 - up to 15 residues
  • Automated annotation of CDR loops
  • Create, model, and analyze variants on structure
  • Calculate energy changes of mutations
  • Perform serine and alanine variant scans 
  • Protein Sequence Analysis
  • Protein Modeling 
  • Protein Structure Analysis
  • Protein Structure with Novafold
  • Protein Protein Docking with NovaDock
  • Antibody Modelling with Novafold Antibody
  • Protein Design with Novadesign
License TypesStandalone or Network
Licensing OptionsAnnual or Perpetual
Minimum System Requirement (Mac)Mac 10.13 or above; 4 GB RAM*; 520 MB; Internet access
Minimum System Requirement (WIN)64-bit Windows 7, 8.1, and 10; 4 GB RAM*; 400 MB of available hard-disk space; Internet access
Operating SystemWindows or Mac
Price OptionsAcademic or Commercial
User optionsSingle, Multiple or Site

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