Our shakers are affordable and can be automated or customized for any vessel.

Applications include micro-expressions for recombinant proteins, solution phase synthesis when a good mixture of heterogeneous solutions is needed. In Solid Phase chemistry the pulsation feature is extremely useful for the full reaction of resins, and other materials. In cell culture, density in one plate is equivalent to four plates from other manufacturers.

Glas-Col’s Micro Expression Shaker:

• Performs high or low speed mixing (orbital)
• Gives repeatable mixing results
• Uniform temperature
• 15o to 60oC range +/- 0.4 oC
• Lexan front and top lid can be independently opened

This shaker can be used for many applications including:

• Volumetric Flask
• 96 well plates
• Test tubes
• Combinatorial reaction blocks
• Micro Reactors
• Eppendorf tubes
• Cryogenic tubes
• Most any type of mixing/incubator application

• Micro-processor-based control technology
• Speed 150 to 1500 rpm, Speed Display Resolution: .1rpm, Speed Setting Increment: 10rpm
• 4-line back-lit LCD display
• Built-in digital timer (seconds: 1-60, minutes: 1-60, hours: 1-24)
• User selectable pulse profile (Pulses-per-minute: 1-100), Ppm-duty-cycle: 1-99%
• Timer and Pulse mode may be combined.
• Communication port (USB)
• Fail Safe Mode to prevent speed fluctuations
• Membrane switch user interface (4-button)
• Soft Start/Stop of motor
• Optional software for real time data acquisition
• Orbital offset .070”
• Furnished with hold down top for 8 or 16 deep-well plates (depends on model)
• Cabinet dimensions: 48.9cm x 50.8cm x 60.9cm
• Platform size: 48.9cm x 45.7cm

240V, CE Furnished with 2.5-meter cord and CEE 7/7 plug 

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