Nocospray, Disinfection of upto 500 m3, 22000rpm, 1100 W

Nocospray 2nd Gen is used to create disinfection of upto 500 m3, are  using 6% H2O2 based Nocolyse solution . Nocospray is manufactured by  Oxypharm from France. It disinfects and reduces the pathogen to minimum possible so that any one can move in the disinfected place. Nocogen has several certifications and validations to its credit and widely used worldwide

  • Nocospray has a heating and ionizing turbine which increases the efficacy of the product (Nocolyse).
  • Sprays "dry fog" at speed of 80 m/s at 37 Degree Celsius. Dry Fog ensures slow and perfectly uniform sedimentation on each square cm of treated area.
  • Stain proof as well as fire extinction hood
  • Only 1 ml Nocolyse per 1 cubic meter volume
  • Mist projection with Venturi effect up to 15 meters (50 feet) from the appliance.
  • Non-corrosive to any kind of material - plastics, steel, etc
  • No residue is left after the treatment. The operating room is ready to be used.
  • Bio-degradable to the level of 99.9%
  • Only 3 minutes of spray time for 50 cubic meter volume (1765 cubic feet)
  • Only 30 minutes of contact time for reaching optimum level of efficacy.
  • Germs/Pathogens do not create resistance towards the medicine (Nocolyse).
  • Can treat up to volume of 500 cubic meters (17650 cubic feet) with one machine.
  • Delayed start and automatic stop.
  • Manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001 standards.
  • European CE certified
 Product type Nocospray: Disinfectant spray Gen-2
 Description Disinfection of upto 500mvolume in less than 1 hour
 Power rating (W) 1100 W
 Speed of turbine 22000 rpm
 Speed of mist exit 80m/s at 37ºC
 Spray time 3 mins for 50 cubic meter
 Features Non-corrosive; Bio-degradable
 Weight 5.8 kg
 Accreditation European CE Certified
 1 Pack Contains 1 Pc