PCR Chambers

This chamber has been designed to help improve the accuracy of P.C.R.* and general Tissue Culture procedures. The chance for air-borne contamination during D.N.A. sequencing is greatly reduced.

The chamber is a "still air enclosure" which contains both fluorescent and U.V. germicidal lamps. The U.V. system is rated at 254 nm and will decontaminate all surfaces of the interior. The lamp should be activated 15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes after planned use.

The front viewing panel is .500 (13 mm) thick optically clear material. It is extremely effective for protection against 32P labeled compounds. It is very effective against Beta Rays but not Gamma rays. Front plate is replaceable. (catalog # 825-UVC (F5))

Access to the interior of the chamber is gained by lifting off the corner doors. The doors are removable therefore do not take up valuable laboratory counter workspace. If a corner door is opened, proximity sensors turn off the power to the U.V. System.

  • Two bright white acrylic shelves are included (5 x 23) & (7 x 23) one is tooled to store pipettors.
  • Front panel is .500 (l3mm) thick for Beta Ray protection (replaceable catalog # 825-UVC (F5)).
  • Side access panels are removable.
  • Proximity sensors turn off the U.V. system for safety when the door is opened.
  • Automatic timer  Replacement timer:  825-TIMER
  • Domestic electric power requirements are 110-115 Volt, 60 Hz. 220 volt units are available.
  • The system has a two (2) Amp circuit breaker.
  • Sides and back wall are one piece formed of .375 thick acrylic for long term rigidity, durability, and protection.
  • Bottom tray has a formed in place spill tray.
  • Main housing and top are removable for installation of large pieces of research equipment.
  • The U.V. system is rated at 254 nm.  Replacement UV light:  EL1122
  • Crated weight is 110 lbs. (49.5 Kg)
  • Two (2) year warranty.

825-PCR (HEPA) Features:

  • Positive pressure external fan (blower). 115-120 Volts.
  • Small H.E.P.A. filter rated at 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns.  Part number 825-HEPA
  • No tools required for filter change over.
  • Low fan noise level. Rated at less than 40 dBA

23.5″high x 17″long x 21″high

O.D. *: 
24″wide x 18″deep x 28″high

Appx. Ship Weight: 
110 lbs.