Powder Handling Glove Box

A closed-loop HEPA-filtered containment glove box used for small-scale handling/weighing of active pharmaceutical ingredients ("APIs") in powder form.


800-AS/SPI, Anti-Static Ionizer. Emits alternating positive and negative ions, removing static inside the glove box. This is a non-air assisted static eliminator, (no blower / no fan). The 800-AS/SPI is perfect for working with fine powders and chemicals.

With optional Bag-In / Bag-Out port (p/n: 800-BIBO), observed containment levels are <1.0 nanograms/cubic meter.

  • 3/8” thick clear acrylic construction with 3/8” thick bright white acrylic bottom.
  • Hinged Front Door with oval polypropylene glove ports and door lock hasp.
  • White Hypalon™ Gloves
  • Closed-Loop Double HEPA Filtration Package.
  • Two clear acrylic square transfer chambers. Ingress/ Egress. No gas valves.
  • Magnehelic™ Gauge bracket with on/off switch for blower.
  • No removable top.
  • HEPA Capsule with manual ball valve.
  • Magnetic Interlocks on transfer chamber doors.
  • Single, covered electrical receptacle.
  • Work Station Ionizer, #800-AS/SPI (see below).
  • Leak test Report, ISO 14644-7 class I (Tf ≤ 5 x 10-4)