Custom Synthesis of Peptides

Custom peptides are normally synthetic peptides. Peptides are synthesized using Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS). Solution Phase Peptide Synthesis is used as an alternate strategy of Synthesis, in case of specialized conditions, where short length, highly purified, and bulk quantity is required,

We undertake custom peptide synthesis based on both the strategies which include Solid Phase and Solution Phase strategies. Before discussing any custom peptide project, we need to know the sequence of the desired peptide, its quantity, and the desired purity of the peptide. Crude peptides are desalted using the Gel Filtration method of purification which is followed by HPLC. 

Our characterization parameters include HPLC and Mass. We provide an analytical HPLC Chromatogram as the mark of purity and mass as part of confirmation of molecular weight. 

We can provide other characterization parameters such as AAA, N-terminal sequencing, etc. on request. 


Custom peptides are used as antigens to raise antibodies. 

Small peptides are also used for crystal structure and other structural studies. 

Synthetic peptides and their analogs are used as therapeutic agents. 

Peptides are also used for nano-structure studies. 

Synthetic peptides have wide applications in diagnostic kits. 


Please provide the following details for each peptide which you want us to syntesise

  1. Sequence of peptide.
  2. Quantity of peptide.
  3. Purity of peptide.
  4. Mention, if you need any modifications.