Solar Refrigerator SLR 5303

Solar Refrigerator SLR 5303 is a double door N-Climate class chest refrigerator run on energy directly provided by solar power. The top freezer temperature range is ? -18 °C and bottom fridge temperature range is 0 °C ~10 °C. The Voltage of this refrigerator can support both DC and AC, provided according to the user requirement.

  • R134a is the refrigerant which is free from CFC and foam
  • Mechanical Thermostat as temperature controller
  • The source of power for the system is solar power
  • Provided with Loading Quantity 40HQ that is 40ft refrigerate containers
  • Single-Temperature type
  • Manual Defrost System
  • Provided with over voltage protection, low voltage protection, reverse protection and short circuit protection
  • It is safe and reliable, no pollution, no damage, easy to operate and simple to use

Used to keep perishable goods such as meat and dairy cool in hot climates, also beer & beverage cool in car and camper, commonly used in the developing world to help supplement the lack of electricity and energy conservation.

Upper Chamber Net Capacity42L
Lower Chamber Net Capacity166L
VoltageDC 12V~24V
Top Freezer Temperature≤ -18?
Bottom Fridge Temperature0?~10?
Net Dimensions549*560*1440 mm
Packing Dimensions590*580*1480 mm
Loading Quantity 40HQ139 pcs
Average Power68W
Wire 1 meter long2.5 sq.m
Wire 2 meter long4.5sq.m
Solar Panel VoltageDC 18V~36V
Working Current12V/5.7A; 24V/2.85A
Suggest Solar Power150W
Empty Case Temperature73M
Battery 100A40H
Net Weight44kg
Gross Weight48kg

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