Top press Freeze Dryer TPDQ 4000

Top press Freeze Dryer TPDQ 4000 is a floor standing unit with a condensing capacity of 3 kg to 4 kg / 24 h and a temperature of -80 °C. It provides feasibility of vial lyophilization. Equipped with three trays with a bulk capacity of 0.8 L allowing any shape or size of sample to be freeze dried. Precise vacuum control enables faster freeze drying and reproducible results. Transparent drying chamber helps in visualization of drying process. Big opening condenser with external coiling tubes facilitates pre-freezing function.

  • Ice condenser capacity is 3 to 4 kg / 24 h
  • Condenser temperature ( - 80 °C )
  • Display of sample temperature , vacuum curve degree , cold trap temperature curve
  • Clear acrylic door for easy product viewing during processing
  • High pumping speed vacuum pump
  • Pre-freezing function
  • Anti-corrosive stainless steel air inlet valve
  • USB port to output freeze drying data
Condenser temperature- 80 °C
Condenser capacity3 to 4 kg / 24 h
Freeze drying area0.08 m²
Bulk capacity0.8 L
Vial capacity Φ 12 mm492 pieces
Vial capacity Φ 16 mm279 pieces
Vial capacity Φ 22 mm147 pieces
Drying chamber sizeΦ 260 x 490 mm
CoolingAir cooling
DefrostingOff cycle defrosting
Condenser sizeΦ 220 mm, 240 mm deep
Trays3 layers
Tray dimensionΦ 180 mm
Tray spacing70 mm
Vacuum pump flow rate7.2m3 / h
Vacuum< 10 Pa
Power1400 W
Voltage220 V / 50 Hz
120 V / 60 Hz
Dimensions770 x 550 x ( 720 + 490 ) mm
Weight160 kgs

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