Ventilated Balance Enclosures

The PLAS - LABS’ HEPA filtered ventilated balance enclosures are the latest in self contained pharmaceutical processing products.  The VBE Series is ideal for working with fine powders, and chemical and biological products.

These portable HEPA filtered safety enclosures can circulate the internal atmosphere into the lab, attached to our 900-EXTRACT Extraction Unit, or attached  to your house exhaust system.

The smooth curved, or rounded, acrylic airfoils provide easy, unobstructed air flow through rear baffels and through the HEPA filter. The ventilated balance enclosure provides minimal laboraotry space and minimal energy usuage.

The new 900-VBE Series by PLAS-LABS.  With a top mounted HEPA filtration system, this isolator can be set up independently, connected to our 900-Extract, or connected to the house exhaust system.  

  • Front viewing sash with air foil.
  • Chemically resistant PVC smooth bore hose.
  • Unique "Venturi" air foils.
  • Chemically resistant polypropylene filter blower housing.
  • Main power & controls for suction unit.
  • Six (6") inch ∅ outlet duct.
  • Three position "set" hinges.
  • Electrical cord outlet port on hood.
  • Bright white work surface in hood.
  • Lower horizontal air foil with arm rest.
  • Non-scuff casters with brakes and locks.

Sizes and Accessories Available

  • 900-LVFH/24 24" Low Velocity Fume Hood
  • 900-LVFH/36 36" Low Velocity Fume Hood
  • 900-LVFH/48 48" Low Velocity Fume Hood
  • 900-EXTRACT Fume Extraction Unit
  • 900-LVFH/HEPA HEPA Filter (size 12" x 24")
  • 900-LVFH/CARBON Impregnated Carbon Filter
  • 900-CART/LVFH Transport Support Cart
  • #900-LVFH/HEPA/CARB, Combination HEPA/Non-Impregnated Carbon Filter absorbs most aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, solvents, organic vapors, aldehydes, keytones, alcohols, organic acids, esters, halogens and sulfur compounds, and odors.
  • #900-LVFH/CARBN(A), Impregnated Carbon Filter for alkaline type fumes.
  • #900-LVFH/CARBN(B), Impregnated Carbon Filter for ammonia or amines.
  • #900-LVFH/CARBN(C), Non-Impregnated Carbon Filter for absorption of aromatic hydrocarbons, organic vapors, keytones, alcohols, organic acids, esters, nitrogen compounds and odors. 

900-VBE Series,

Self Contained HEPA filtered ventilated balance enclosures


900-VBE/36, with top mounted HEPA filtration unit. 


 Features air flow alarm system for continuous tracking of air velocities for researcher safety.

Optional 900-VBE/BIBO "Bag-In / Bag-Out" port and adjustable lift table


900-LVFH Series, Non-HEPA Filtered.  For use with house exhaust system or the Plas-Labs' 900-EXTRACT, Extraction Unit




900-LVFH/36 with



Useful accessories for the 900-VBE and 900-LVFH series

900-Extract, Extraction Unit is a variable speed suction housing unit.  

900-VBE/BIBO, Bag-In / Bag-Out waste chute

Adjustable lift cart with casters and a height range of 25" to 45"